Sights to See in Suffolk

The summer is quickly approaching, and with those at home looking for something more akin to a staycation and the possibility that international travel could bring tourists to the shores again could spell a great number of tourism opportunities – a popular destination has always been the eastern county of Suffolk, easily accessible from Gawtick Airport, with historical towns and a nice stretch of beach too. If you’re planning a trip for the upcoming months or for even a little further in the future, what are some sights you should check out during your trip?

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Christchurch Park – Located in the centre of Ipswich and a little further out from the coast, the big outdoor space is certainly one of the biggest draws and is the top-rated attraction in Suffolk. Whilst there are some complaints around parking, a little planning can certainly help you out here, if you’re a fan of large open green spaces with plenty to see and little pitstops along the way, this should certainly top the list for you. Be sure to go during the summer, however, as whilst there are certainly some great views to be seen during the winter it could be a little too chilly for a long trip.

The Church of Saint Andrew Covehithe – Down by the coast and another big favourite on TripAdvisor, the church and the ruins alike are a big draw for many visiting too as it can create a perfect picturesque landscape for budding photographers and history enthusiasts alike. Another trip better suited for summer, but certainly more accessible than the previous entry on the list with less need for plenty of parking – even if you aren’t too interested in the church ruins, there’s plenty of beautiful beach and nature reserve to keep you a little more interested in a nice stroll.

Newmarket Racecourse – The UK is certainly known for some of it’s premier horse racing tracks with the likes of the Ascot and Cheltenham, and Newmarket is certainly up there for some too. Split into two courses – the Rowley Mile and the July course, there’s plenty to watch on these tracks too all throughout the year. Whilst there aren’t any big land-based casinos in Suffolk unlike the online space here with options not registered to gamstop, there are plenty of betting options both online and offline if you’re into the racing and is certainly worth if a visit if you’re passing by. The next few months could see a further push for a return to normal, and fans should be able to attend the races without issue or restriction.

There are plenty of other choices on offer too, and with the UK starting to open up and push for a return to normal too there are plenty of opportunities for visiting, be sure to check ahead of time to see if anything is closed, and to explore the bigger opportunities.